You probably know about the famous Shi poem – Lion-Eating Poet in the Stone Den. There are a plenty of articles and blog posts about this poem. It consists only of words that sound “shi”, with different tones. Let’s learn some of them. The name of the poem is:`


Shī Shì shí shī shǐ means lion And here is a list of most characters used there:

List of all shi characters


Tea characters

If you like teas as much as I do, you probably know a couple of Chinese tea names. Let’s learn how to write them, and learn some more characters on the way.

Red tea – .

This is what Europeans call “black tea”.  The character  紅(hóngchá) means red. It depicts thread (纟) and phonetic element 工 (also it doesn’t sound the same…)

Souchong 小種茶

(siúchúng ch’ā), lit. small kind tea (from Lapsang souchong (拉普山小種pinyinlāpǔshān xiǎozhǒng “sub-variety from Lapu Mountain”)

拉普 is the name of the mountain,

 is small

 (simplified: 种) is seedraceoffspring

Oolong 乌龙

traditional: 烏龍, lit. black dragon

 is dark (like a crow). The character depicts a bird, actually. Compare , from “black as ink”

Pu-erh or Pu’er tea   

pǔ’ěr chá is a variety of fermented dark tea.

Chinese acronyms

There are many characters that looks like several (Latin or other) letters pushed to one square. Let’s see.

I call it TCP character.

means look up to, rely on, admire

AP character. Means “knock”.

A4 is not a paper format, but means “callcryshouthailgreet” (什么名字? – Nǐ jiào shénme míngzi?  What is your name?)

AT means sting

BAT is just ā


to be continued

chinese digits

Let’s lets learn Chinese digits.


If you have enough imagination, these characters look like digits,  and this will be used to help to remember 10 new characters (and words).

  • Start with 0. Actually, there are two 0-shaped characters, and (mouth and imports)
  • (for one) is a side form of (人), which is not similar to 1. So let’s learn  (work)
  •  oneself
  •  (pronounces same as ) depicts bow
  • means “private” (there is a funny variant:  , 3 times , with the same meaning)
  •  means andwithtoforgivegrant
  •  depicts small mountain but means also elderempty or a name
  •  – original meaning is son or child, but has many more meanings now
  • depict Sun, but means Day as well
  •  for snout

Hope this lesson help you to remember 10 characters. You can also try to write your phone number with these digits, feed it to Google translate, and see